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Chris is renowned for his ability to expose the Gold in people no matter how limited one's resources are. He has a wide range of tactical and technical skills in rugby, making him a significant asset to any team or organization. His ability to unite groups of people and unlock mindsets has led to compelling results everywhere he goes. 

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Chris Brown's professional coaching career began in 2007 after relocating from Taranaki, New Zealand, to Northwest University in South Africa. He would start as the Head Skills and Conditioning Coach for their elite rugby and netball teams. Both would go on to win national titles.


In 2010 Chris joined the Namibian Rugby Team in a similar role in preparation for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Following the World Cup, Chris would join Mike Friday in Nairobi as the Assistant Coach of the Kenya 7's World Series Program, helping lead the day-to-day operation. 

The results that have followed since joining Kenya in 2012 have been Exceptional

Hope rogers_edited.png

Hope Rogers 3 x Rugby World Cups.

"Chris is undeniably one of the best coaches out there. It’s clearly evident with his on-field successes. On the field, Chris demands success in the best way. He taught me how to push past mental limitations, how to set and achieve high standards, and how focusing on the details and process will lead to the desired outcome.

But the on-field success is not the reason Chris is a high-quality coach. Chris fostered a positive learning environment where learning from mistakes was encouraged and how what we do and how we behave off the field is equally as important as what we do on it.

When Chris came on as our coach, there was a clear shift in culture. As a team, we began to take ownership of our actions and truly believe and take pride in our team values that Chris would daily live out. It is accurate to say that I am a far better rugby player, athlete, and most importantly person because of the direct influence Chris Brown has had on my life.

Ben Pinkleman.JPG

Ben Pinkelman, 2016 Olympian.

Working with Brownie were the most valuable years of my career. He builds his coaching relationship with the foundation of hard work, compassion, and honesty. As someone who takes incredible pride in his ability to coach and help people, he cares immensely about his players and their performance.


If he knows you’ve lived up to your side of the hard work agreement, then he will meet you with compassion. If you aren’t living up to your capabilities he will be honest about it and will push and help you to get to where you’re capable of, and if you’re performing at your best he will reassure you.


Chris understood me and we built a relationship around a mutual understanding that we both wanted the best out of each other and would help each other get there. I’ve never met someone so passionate about being the best coach they can be, and that drive is what connects like-minded people.


Whether you need a program leader, coach mentor, consultant to support your current coaching team in targeted areas, or a partner to deliver world-class tactical, technical, and psychological development programs, contact us to learn how Chris can best help you achieve the results you desire. 



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