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Rugby Coaching Services

Chris is a world-class coach with over a decade of experience at the highest levels of rugby, offering a wide range of tactical, technical, and strategic team development skills uniquely tailored to any team or organization. Chris is the go-to mentor for leaders and coaches of organizations seeking to achieve maximum performance and success.


Whether you need a world-class program lead, coach mentor, or tactical consultant, contact Chris to discover how he can best help you achieve your desired results

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Hope Rogers 3 x Rugby World Cups.

"Chris is undeniably one of the best coaches out there. It’s clearly evident with his on-field successes. On the field, Chris demands success in the best way. He taught me how to push past mental limitations, how to set and achieve high standards, and how focusing on the details and process will lead to the desired outcome.

When Chris came on as our coach, there was a clear shift in culture. As a team, we began to take ownership of our actions and truly believe and take pride in our team values that Chris would live out daily."

Ben Pinkleman.JPG

Ben Pinkelman, 2016 Olympian.

Working with Chris were the most valuable years of my career. He builds his coaching relationships on hard work, compassion, and honesty and cares immensely about his players and their performance.


If you aren’t living up to your capabilities, he will be honest about it and will push and help you to get to where you’re capable of, and if you’re performing at your best, he will reassure you.


 I’ve never met someone so passionate about being the best coach they can be, and that drive is what connects like-minded people.

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