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Coach Chris Brown creates Champions. He's made a career of getting athletes and professionals unstuck to help unleash their potential. In fact, Chris has been transforming teams into trophy-winners since his 20's. And he has a gift for turning everyday underdogs into overachievers. When Chris Brown finds the gold in you, he exposes the heart of a true Champion.

As an Award-Winning Olympic Rugby Coach, Chris's mindset and development techniques are renowned for helping the underrated get unbelievable results, both on and off the field. 


Carlin Isles, Double Olympian.

Working with Coach Brown taught me a lot about myself and life in general. I gained so much knowledge about rugby, but I learned more about who I was. Coach taught me how to push my mind and body past its limits, achieving what I sometimes thought impossible. Under his influence, I was able to go to dark places and become one with my mind and body. What stuck with me most was his care and how he helped transform me into a better man.


Lauren Doyle, Team USA 2018-2022 Captain.

Chris is an incredibly talented, natural coach. His values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond just rugby and focus more on developing as a person and a leader by capitalizing on my passions and strengths. His uplifting, positive, and fun personality makes him easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. Brownie is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach.

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Perry Baker, 2 x World Player of the Year.

Chris knows how to get the most out of his players. He leads by example, which is why he is trusted and respected. He will constantly challenge you on and off the pitch to grow and develop and doesn’t just want you to be known as a great athlete but just as much a quality individual.



After the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Chris moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where he helped lead the Kenyan 7's Rugby Team from 13th to 4th in the World. Two years later, Chris would be instrumental in helping the US Men's Olympic Rugby Team win their first-ever World Series Event in London.


After transitioning over to lead the US Womens Olympic Program in 2018, Chris led this team to numerous historic victories, including their first World Series Event WIN and first-ever World No one ranking. 

In recognition of Chris's results with Team USA in 2018 and 2019, he would be awarded the World Rugby Coach of the Series Award. 


Chris Clements, Team USA Performance Advisor

Chris is a coach and leader driven by people and culture. His emphasis on having an environment where everyone feels valued and connected to the mission and values of the team allows for people to flourish. This culture drives people to be the best version of themselves, naturally providing opportunities for everyone to develop as leaders. This process is the backbone for Chris and his leadership. In the high performance world where results are needed, his investment and value of the people around him has positive results on the scoreboard.


Peter Haberl, Team USA Sport Psychologist.

As a coach and leader, Chris is guided by deeply held values. He is a systematic planner, focused on producing results, while never losing sight of his guiding principles. He deeply cares about the people he leads and in the process brings out the best in them. His openness and curiosity allows him to bridge cultural divides and bring diverse teams together. 


Tyler Matthews, Former Pro Golfer, Reale estate Agent.  

The coaching that I have received from Chris is by far the most intentional, meaningful, and impactful coaching I’ve ever received.


The personalized plan he created for me is specific to my needs and built completely around my strengths and weaknesses. Chris listens to what’s worked and not worked for his students, and builds a plan that is as impactful as it is enjoyable. 


If you want results, you want Chris Brown in your corner. 



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